Instrument Set, Reconnaissance and Surveying (ENFIRE)

The Instrument Set Reconnaissance, Surveying and Construction (ENFIRE), an Army Program of Record (POR), provides capabilities to Army Engineer units to enable faster, safer, and more accurate reconnaissance and surveying.

We are developing the ENFIRE application for the Product Director Combat Terrain Information Systems (PD-CTIS). The ENFIRE software includes automated capabilities for capturing geospatial information in the field. Written in C#/.NET, the ENFIRE software leverages a combination of proprietary and open-source software and APIs, including:

  • C#/.NET
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Esri ArcGIS Runtime, ArcGIS Engine, and the File Geodatabase API
  • GDAL

Using a tablet computer and custom software that interfaces with GPS, video recording, and remote sensing devices (e.g., Lidar), US Army and Marine Corp engineers can collect data more safely and accurately. The data that engineers collect through the custom ENFIRE application can be shared quickly and efficiently to decision makers, allowing for more effective mission planning.


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