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We designed our RGi Internship program to educate, mentor, and create the next generation of engineers. We treat our Interns like they are full-time employees; they write code, use the latest technologies, collaborate with peers, attend stand-ups, and are considered a full member of the project team whose input is both respected and desired.

What You’ll Experience

Our Interns play with laser range finders, utilize Machine Learning techniques, apply DevOps practices, utilize an agile development process, and participate in every stage of the software development life cycle. Projects include ENFIRE & DCGS-A.

A Challenge You Say?

We take our Friday Intern Challenges very seriously, where our Interns compete for professional trophies in hard-core games such as Beat Shazam, Skribl/Pictionary, Quiplash, and Ms. Pac-Man, all while the rest of our RGi’ers cheer them on.  We even give out trophies!

And When It’s Over We Want You Back!

We embed up to six talented students per semester (spring, summer, and fall) to work with our teams, and we’re incredibly proud of the fact that many of our Interns end up as full-time RGi’ers after graduation!

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