Mission Apps

Solutions for Our Nation’s Security

Our customers need reliable access to GEOINT content while operating in a wide range of network environments from our well-connected Intelligence Agencies to the austere environments in which our Military operates. We deliver innovative solutions that adapt to the dynamic threats posed by our Nation’s adversaries.

Our experience with cross-platform application development delivers the right amount of flexibility and reuse with the ability to disseminate critical information to command posts (CP) and mobile/handheld (M/HH) computing environments (CE). We are experts in bringing mobile capabilities to existing systems through modular design and intuitive, simplified workflows.

Our teams are tackling tough problems such as:

  • Developing, integrating, and scaling complex, innovative geospatial solutions targeting web, desktop, mobile, and cloud infrastructure environments
  • Connecting soldiers and unmanned vehicles in GPS denied environments using simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms
  • Automated geospatial data collection using LIDAR, AI/ML, and complex interaction with multiple sensors and peripherals
  • Automated feature extraction from satellite imagery utilizing AI/ML

Our mission applications use a variety of open source and commercial software technologies, including:

  • PyTorch, TensorFlow, Sckit-learn, OpenCV
  • Robot Operating System (ROS/ROS2)
  • GDAL, ArcGIS Runtime, ArcObjects
  • Leaflet/Mapbox GL
  • JavaScript/TypeScript, Java, Python, C#/.NET
  • Cloud-based infrastructure (AWS/Azure)
  • Esri ArcGIS Enterprise
  • GeoServer


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