Matt Harrison

Matt leads the management of Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) professional services programs. He is responsible for maintaining customer and partner satisfaction by ensuring quality execution and timely delivery of RGi services. Matt also provides oversight for the recruiting and career development of 40+ software engineers, systems engineers, systems integrators, and GIS Analysts.

Matt is a seasoned geospatial professional with experience managing teams in software development, aerial mapping, and on-site professional services. Previously in his career, Matt was a Vice President with Skyline Software and a Program Director for Woolpert, catering to the Defense, Intelligence, and South Pacific markets.

Matt is passionate about contributing to RGi’s continued growth while maintaining the company’s reputation for quality product and incredible corporate culture. Outside of work, he can be found:

  • Attempting, and failing, to be a half-decent golfer
  • Doing yard work around the house…Soooo much yard work
  • Traveling somewhere new and relaxing with his wife and friends
  • Enjoying a good meal and a beer

Matt is a proud alum of both Old Dominion University (B.S. Geography) and George Mason University (Master’s in Business Administration).