RGi to participate in MIDAS project funded by the Office of Naval Research

RGi will participate in the Medical Informatics Decision Assistance and Support (MIDAS) project, a SBIR Phase II contract funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) that will provide tools to generate recommendations for reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injury obtained during physical training. MIDAS will incorporate sensor data (e.g., wearable fitness trackers) collected during training, contextual knowledge (e.g., training plans, user biometrics, unit constraints), and machine learning to evaluate a trainee’s current state, assert a risk of injury score, and recommend mitigations that the individual and/or trainers can use to reduce the likelihood of injury. Throughout this project, RGi will provide support through use case development, technical implementation recommendations, and outreach to physical trainers and other stakeholders. This work will be performed under contract N68335-17-C-0044.