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Top Leadership
Stephen Gillotte
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Gillotte
Chief Executive Officer

Steve has overall responsibility for the experience and well-being of his team of RGi’ers. He is passionate about helping people understand and realize their personal potential, and firmly believes that we each have a responsibility to have an immediate impact on our country, community, profession, and self.

Steve’s mission is to establish geospatial as the common language® across the Defense & Intelligence communities. In order to achieve enhanced situational awareness and understanding for decision makers, he works to identify how geospatial technologies articulate the spatial and temporal nature of all domains, including using geospatial technologies to communicate Cyber warfare effects across the battlespace.

He is building a data science-centric firm. With the explosion of sensor data describing our world, it’s key to develop AI/ML algorithms that enable human-machine teaming, allowing humans to do what they’re good at (i.e., analysis, interpretation, and poetry), and machines to do what they’re good at (i.e., processing vast amounts of data quickly).

When Steve is not traveling the world, he can typically be found:

  • Outside cycling, sailing, skiing, camping, and hiking
  • Mentoring start-ups and their founders through organizations like T-REX and Arch Grants
  • Cooking in Southern Italian style, where the pasta is always hand-made and the secret ingredients are garlic, good wine, and more garlic
  • Creating optimal office layouts that blur the lines of work and play
  • Supporting educational programs at Virginia Tech, USGIF, the American Geographical Society, and throughout the community

Steve graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S. degree in Computer Science while also enjoying many other aspects of student life, such as refereeing soccer, and playing the tuba.

Sidney Medford
Chief Operating Officer
Sidney Medford
Chief Operating Officer

Sidney leads the management of Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) rapidly expanding business while executing our strategy and building external alliances and strategic relationships. She provides oversight for corporate initiatives, program execution, customer satisfaction, and the recruiting and career development of 40+ software engineers, systems engineers, systems integrators, and GIS Analysts.

Sidney is a high energy professional with technical, managerial and leadership experience in government and commercial software and systems engineering, development and integration. Previously in her career, Sidney was a Division Director and Senior Capture Manager at TASC for Defense, Intelligence and Federal business clients.

Sidney is passionate about RGi’s mission and leading the company to the next phase. Outside of work, she can be found:

  • As an Uber driver for her kids…soccer, soccer, basketball, baseball, and more soccer
  • Traveling with her husband and kids
  • Enjoying a glass of bubbly
  • Walking, running, biking and golfing…although a little rusty on the golfing
  • Laughing…they always know when I am in the office

Sidney is a proud alum of both the College William & Mary (B.S. Mathematics) and James Madison University (M.S. Computer Science).

Brian Loggins
Chief Growth Officer
Brian Loggins
Chief Growth Officer

Brian leads Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) business development and strategic growth efforts. In this role, he drives RGi’s partnerships with both new and existing C5ISR customers, and enhances our ability to respond to and support our customers’ mission success.

Brian is a seasoned business development and strategic planning professional. Prior to joining RGi, Brian led long-range strategic planning for the full spectrum cyber, cyber warfare, and intelligence business at Northrop Grumman.

Earlier in his career, Brian served in the U.S. Army for 21 years in various command and staff positions that culminated as a Lieutenant Colonel and senior geospatial officer on the Army Staff in the Pentagon.

Brian is passionate about RGi and the impact we are making in National Security. When he isn’t at work, you will likely find him:

  • Hanging out with his wife and cat
  • Cheering for a DC sports team
  • Enjoying gourmet food (and wine)
  • Sightseeing and enjoying food around the world
  • Taking lots of photos with his DSLR camera

Brian holds a B.E. degree in Civil Engineering from Vanderbilt University and a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Louisville.

Chitra Sivanandam
Chief Technology Officer
Chitra Sivanandam
Chief Technology Officer

Chitra oversees Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) data science, AI/ML, and cyber situational awareness & understanding vision, strategy, and direction while working with the community to support our contracted and internal R&D efforts. She is responsible for driving our technology forward, inspiring and growing RGi’s engineering team, and delivering innovative technical solutions that provide an immediate impact to our Defense and Intelligence customers.

Previously in her career, Chitra served in various executive-level technology capacities at SAIC, Raytheon (formerly Blackbird Technologies), Exelis, and In-Q-Tel.

Chitra is passionate about driving forward the company’s intellectual curiosity to solve our customers’ toughest problems. Outside of work, she can be found:

  • At her family-owned small craft brewery, The Craft of Brewing, in Ashburn, VA
  • Hanging with her 2 girls (ages 5 & 7), 3 dogs, fish, and African grey parrot
  • Meeting with and mentoring startups
  • Travelling to meet up with family and friends

Chitra holds an MBA from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, and a B.S. in Imaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Todd Angioli
Business Operations
Todd Angioli
Business Operations

Todd leads Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) accounting, finance, financial planning & analysis (FP&A), accounting, and contracts team. His primary focus is ensuring our engineers are positioned to support our customers and our customers’ mission by preemptively mitigating any financial and contractual issues.

Previously in his career, Todd was a Business Manager and Senior Finance Manager at Northrop Grumman and TASC.

Todd is excited about strategically positioning RGi for the future. When he’s not supporting the mission, he enjoys:

  • Spending time with his family and friends
  • Fly fishing in the Catskill Mountains of New York
  • Skiing, hiking, and golfing

Todd holds a BS degree from the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh and a Master’s in Business Administration from The George Washington University.

Shane Brennan
Sensor Solutions
Shane Brennan
Sensor Solutions

Shane manages large teams of software developers at Reinventing Geospatial, Inc. (RGi), focusing on turning our clients’ vision into reality. He takes great pride in understanding the needs of his client and being able to translate those needs into technical direction for his team. He also engages in high-level career mentorship for RGi employees, doing his best to make sure they reach their full potential.

Before joining RGi, Shane spent 15 years as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyst and software developer in both local government and private industry. Shane honed his craft in the field of civil engineering, working on pollution impact projects and modeling and simulation activities related to storm water and sanitary sewer engineering.

Shane has too many interests and passions to undertake in a single lifetime, including:

  • Virtual and augmented reality environments
  • LiDAR sensors and Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Playing guitar
  • Astronomy
  • Reading science fiction and European history
  • Sound design and production

Shane holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Old Dominion University.

Patrick Doody
Solutions Architect
Patrick Doody
Solutions Architect

Patrick is a full stack application architect/engineer at Reinventing Geospatial, Inc. (RGi), working with customers to gather requirements, and implement solutions that will work for them, predominantly in the web application realm. With a passion for solving complex problems with sensible and simple solutions that scale out, he also performs DevOps and AGILE Scrummaster roles.

Before joining RGi, Patrick was a developer at Northrop Grumman.

When he’s not helping customers find mission success, Patrick enjoys:

  • Flying quadcopters
  • Playing video games
  • Watching science fiction

Patrick holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Hood College.

Luke Lambert
Solutions Architect
Luke Lambert
Solutions Architect

Luke provides technical leadership and architectural best practices to software teams at Reinventing Geospatial, Inc. (RGi). He is driven by finding clean, performant and idiomatic solutions to our clients’ technical challenges. He also enjoys his mentorship role to junior software developers and providing his services to RGi as senior defenestrator.

Prior to joining RGi, Luke had 10 years of experience as a software developer focusing on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for a variety of other defense contractors. Before getting into GIS, he was a developer of real-time 3D simulations as a hobby game developer, and professionally at the Federal Highway Driving Simulator in Mclean, VA.

Outside of work, Luke has several passions that consume his free time:

  • His wife and 3 children
  • Starting an orchard and vineyard
  • Competitive Table Tennis
  • Fine wine, and wine making
  • Playing Magic: The Gathering

Luke has a B.S. degree in Computer Science from George Mason University and is currently enrolled in NOVA Community College’s Viticulture and Enology program.

Kim Paulson
Marketing & Communications
Kim Paulson
Marketing & Communications

Kim leads Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) Marketing and Communications efforts, with a focus on building brand awareness, increasing visibility, driving business development, and enhancing support and affinity for RGi.

Kim works with RGi as an outside Consultant through her company, castello marketing. She founded castello marketing after a 20+ year MarCom career spanning the press, the travel industry, and commercial real estate where she helped companies tell the right story to grow their business. Working with a technology innovator like RGi is a fun and exciting challenge, bringing with it the opportunity to create an impact for our nation’s soldiers.

When she’s not focusing on MarCom activities, Kim can be found:

  • Cooking
  • Enjoying a glass of wine; in particular a good California Chardonnay
  • Running on the W&OD Trail
  • Coaching field hockey
  • Chasing her 3 little monkeys, also known as children

Kim graduated from James Madison University (Go Dukes!) with a BA degree in English, and a Minor in Coaching.

Michael Szaszy
AI/ML Solutions
Michael Szaszy
AI/ML Solutions

Mike is a full-stack application architect/engineer at Reinventing Geospatial, Inc. (RGi), working with customers to mine their geo-temporal data to enable more rapid exploration and understanding of their data holdings. Mike has led research and development efforts at RGi exploring a range of different problem domains including using machine learning for computer vision, trajectory data mining, and knowledge graph induction. He has experience designing, implementing, and optimizing complex systems including databases, distributed systems, and large service-oriented applications, and takes pride in bridging the gap between basic and applied research.

Prior to joining RGi, Mike had six years of experience working in private industry designing and developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) during which time he simultaneously completed his graduate degree.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys:

  • His wife, child, family, and friends
  • Casual, non-toxic, video games
  • Racquetball
  • Keeping up-to-date with academic research and industry trends

Mike holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Penn State University, an MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and a CompTIA Security+ certification

Morgen Szaszy
Employee Experience
Morgen Szaszy
Employee Experience

Morgen leads Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) Human Resources Department, where she works hard to create and foster a great life experience for all RGi employees through recruiting, onboarding, benefits, and personnel security activities. Morgen is passionate about creating a positive (and fun!) environment for all RGi’ers.

Prior to joining RGi, Morgen worked in various Office Management and Administrative Support roles.

Outside of work, she spends her free time:

  • Playing with her young daughter…and cleaning-up after her young daughter
  • Reading
  • Roaming the aisles of Target (honestly, how can anyone go in there and buy ‘just what’s on the list’??)
  • Watching anything on Bravo

Morgen is a proud alum of James Madison University (Goooo Dukes!), holding a BBA degree in Marketing with a Minor in Human Resources Development.

Omar Pagan
DevOps Solutions
Omar Pagan
DevOps Solutions

Omar serves as the corporate IT Lead for Reinventing Geospatial, Inc. (RGi), where he is responsible for all IT operations and support. He is known for seeing problems from all angles, and taking a small- and large-scale approach to projects while applying an “Occam’s razor” principle as much as possible.

Omar also works within RGi as a senior systems/network administrator with a background in security implementations and systems integration. While supporting RGi’s customers, he provides research for new technology solutions, development and implementation of upgrades and configuration changes for Openstack and AWS, all while performing day-to-day operations and maintenance of customer’s environments.

Before joining RGi, Omar spent over 25 years supporting systems/network administration and security in both the government and commercial industries.

When he’s not helping RGi or a customer, you can find him:

  • Riding his road bike
  • Grilling on the back porch
  • Traveling to see his family
  • Camping and hunting

Omar holds a BS degree in Computer Science and is currently enrolled in a Post-Graduate Program at Caltech.

Michelle Pachter
Treasurer & Secretary
Michelle Pachter
Treasurer & Secretary

Michelle supports Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) Business Operations team in developing streamlined processes and tools. She ensures that all areas of our operations, accounting, finance, HR, IT, and security, are compliant with government regulations and that our team has the tools and support they need to be successful. She is also a member of RGi’s Board of Directors.

Previously in her career, Michelle was a Workforce Analytics Specialist for Northrop Grumman. Her love of analysis helped shape her original role of HR Generalist into one that used recruitment, retention, and employee population data to guide the senior leadership team in decision making.

When she’s not looking for a better way to do things, Michelle enjoys:

  • Spending time with her husband and 3 kids
  • Walking, hiking, and biking
  • Trying to master gluten-free baking
  • Playing (winning!) board games
  • Relaxing on the beach

Michelle holds a BS degree in Accounting from George Mason University.

Matt Harrison

Matt leads the management of Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) professional services programs. He is responsible for maintaining customer and partner satisfaction by ensuring quality execution and timely delivery of RGi services. Matt also provides oversight for the recruiting and career development of 40+ software engineers, systems engineers, systems integrators, and GIS Analysts.

Matt is a seasoned geospatial professional with experience managing teams in software development, aerial mapping, and on-site professional services. Previously in his career, Matt was a Vice President with Skyline Software and a Program Director for Woolpert, catering to the Defense, Intelligence, and South Pacific markets.

Matt is passionate about contributing to RGi’s continued growth while maintaining the company’s reputation for quality product and incredible corporate culture. Outside of work, he can be found:

  • Attempting, and failing, to be a half-decent golfer
  • Doing yard work around the house…Soooo much yard work
  • Traveling somewhere new and relaxing with his wife and friends
  • Enjoying a good meal and a beer

Matt is a proud alum of both Old Dominion University (B.S. Geography) and George Mason University (Master’s in Business Administration).

Mary Carome
University Relations – Virginia Tech
Mary Carome
University Relations – Virginia Tech

Mary serves as Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) university relations liaison with Virginia Tech, where she helps coordinate our campus recruiting efforts. In addition to her university work, Mary is an RGi software engineer, focusing primarily on front-end web development. She loves to design and build solutions that are performant, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing.

Outside of work, Mary fills her time with:

  • Traveling around the world
  • Tuesday night trivia
  • Exploring wineries with friends
  • Reading, baking, and board games

Mary holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science and a B.A. degree in Spanish from Virginia Tech.

Brian Morris
University Relations – University of Maryland
Brian Morris
University Relations – University of Maryland

Brian leads a team of software developers at Reinventing Geospatial, Inc. (RGi), focusing on providing geospatial solutions in a disconnected environment. He is responsible for providing the development, design, and testing direction for his team to meet our client’s needs. He also actively mentors intermediate and junior developers to help realize their full potential.

Brian has 10 years of software development experience primarily focused on application and feature development. Before joining RGi he worked as a contractor to develop web applications for the State of Maryland, as well as the EPA. He also spent 5 years at Northrop Grumman as a software developer focused on developing mission planning applications.

Outside of work Brian’s interests include:

  • Spending time with his wife and 2 kids, especially afternoon walks around Annapolis
  • Woodworking
  • Anything outside (Boating, Hiking, Sailing, Kayaking, Soccer)
  • Avid soccer and football fan (Go Terps!)
  • Grilling and BBQ
  • Exploring a new craft brewery

Brian holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science and a B.A. degree in Philosophy from the University of Maryland.