Reinventing Geospatial (RGi) Scholarship awarded for Geospatial and Engineering

Grace Henson, a sophomore geography major, has been awarded the Reinventing Geospatial (RGi) Scholarship for Geospatial and Engineering by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF). According to Henson’s profile on the USGIF’s magazine, Trajectory, Henson was introduced to geographical information systems by the U.S. Army Geospatial Engineering school in 2020, and has an interest in cartography, biogeography and environmental planning. Henson serves as a GIS analyst, spending the past four years providing geospatial support to the Texas Army National Guard both overseas and at home. Congratulations, Grace!


RGi CEO Stephen Gillotte joins United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) Board of Director

Reinventing Geospatial (RGi) CEO Stephen Gillotte joins United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) Board of Director.

Reinventing Geospatial (RGi) is proud to announce that our CEO, Stephen Gillotte has joined the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) Board of Directors. In this role, Stephen will continue to work issues of interest to the startup and small business geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) community of Interest (COI).

“Reinventing” means we must continually strive to do better through innovation, engagement, rapid delivery, and efficiency of use…we cannot, and do not, accept the status quo as a limiter.  “It feels great”, Stephen said, “to continue to volunteer my time across the startup and small business community by engaging as both a member of the USGIF Board of Directors and a cochair of the USGIF Small Business Advisory (SBA) Working Group.  I’m looking forward to continuing our efforts to represent the broader interests of the startup and small business community in this important educational foundation.”

Visit: Trajectory Magazine


RGi CEO Stephen Gillotte named an “Industry Leader” by Virginia Tech

Stephen Gillotte, CEO of Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi®) and a Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) graduate, was recently chosen as one of Virginia Tech’s “Industry Leaders who are impacting our world of work and inspiring the next generation of Hokie leaders.”

During his interview Steve shared his philosophy of never accepting the status quo as a limiter, which drove him to choose the word “reinventing” for his business to represent a continual effort to do better through innovation, expediency of delivery, and efficiencies.

Steve also spoke about his passion for giving back and serving as a mentor to several startup technology CEO’s in the geospatial community in order to increase their odds of success.

To read Steve’s Virginia Tech “Industry Leader” spotlight, click here.

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Rapid growth brings the ‘RGi Experience’ center stage for RGi’s inaugural Chief People Officer

Following two years of explosive growth and an exciting pipeline of contracts, Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi®) has added a new Chief People Officer (CPO) role to its Executive Team. The CPO will be completely focused on RGi’s people and culture, ensuring the company delivers a coordinated, connected, and positive RGi Experience for all employees.

“Doubling down on our people and culture is essential,” said Stephen Gillotte, RGi’s CEO. “With 50% growth year-to-date and another 200% in the 6-month pipeline, we’ve got to embrace the strategy that got us here, which is making RGi an incredible place to work.”

Since 2020 RGi has more than doubled its people, contracts, and technological advances. The company has formalized its position as a geospatial leader within the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and Data Science domains, with diverse talent working in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, St. Louis, Denver, and beyond.

To lead all efforts related to the RGi Experience, RGi has named Sidney Medford as its inaugural CPO. Sidney will ensure RGi continues to build and retain an exceptional team of professionals, with clear career paths that allow all employees to reach their potential and exceed personal goals.

“Sid is the natural choice to fill our new, critical CPO role,” said Stephen. “We’ve leaned on Sid as COO for the past three years, and we’ll count on her again to take her experience there and focus in where we need her the most.”

As COO, Sidney paved the way for RGi’s swift growth by building external alliances and partnerships, and overseeing program execution, customer satisfaction, and the recruiting and career development of RGi’s diverse team of engineers, integrators, and analysts.

“I’m excited to connect more closely with and truly focus on our rapidly expanding team of RGi’ers,” said Sidney. “Driving the company culture and climate is something I’m very passionate about, and ensuring that our people are the top priority is what will continue to propel RGi forward.”

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RGi named a top Predictive Analytics company by Data Magazine

Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi®) is proud to be recognized as one of the Most Innovative Predictive Analytics Companies in Virginia by Data Magazine, a publication focused on the latest innovations, breakthroughs and companies across the data and analytical industries.

Featured companies were selected based on exceptional performance in Innovation, Growth and Growth Strategy, Management, and Societal Impact.

To see the full list of the Most Innovative Predictive Analytics Companies, visit Data Magazine

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RGi taps NGA veteran Timothy Siems as head of St. Louis operations

Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi®) has named Timothy Siems as Head of St. Louis Operations. In this capacity, Timothy will oversee RGi’s data science, AI/ML, and computer vision efforts that deliver innovative technical solutions to our Defense and Intelligence customers in the St. Louis area and beyond.

In addition to his technical focus, Timothy will help drive RGi’s core involvement within T-REX and GeoFutures, organizations dedicated to strengthening St. Louis as a geospatial center of excellence. He will also advance RGi’s partnerships and mentoring roles with the Arch Grants and GeoSeed Grant Program, both of which promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and workforce development within St. Louis.

Timothy brings a wealth of experience to RGi, serving in various leadership positions with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), and most recently Parsons (OGSystems), where he managed an R&D laboratory, implemented transformation strategies, and deployed major software acquisition systems. Timothy holds a Master of Information Management from Washington University, and Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

“Given his 30+ year track record within the DoD and IC Communities, Timothy will enhance RGi’s position as an innovative, technology-first firm, and drive our St. Louis growth forward as we continue to scale to meet the needs of our customers,” said Sidney Medford, RGi COO.

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RGi to lead geospatial AI for US Army

Picture of orange map with RGi logo

Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi®) was selected by the US Army Geospatial Center (AGC) to develop prototypes and advanced capabilities to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize workflows and geospatial production for a number of geospatially-relevant missions to include surveying, surveillance, and reconnaissance, among others. The single-award Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI) contract will provide enriched and meaningful insights that will lead to more informed, accurate, and timely decisions during combat operations.

Under this multi-year contract, RGi will demonstrate next generation geospatial analytical tools for 3D complex environments applicable to low echelon and tactical edge exploitation. RGi will also develop spatially explicit AI algorithms, tools and techniques to enable common soldier tasks such as damage extent to roads and structures, quantifying displaced earth, and movement of persons and equipment.

“RGi is excited to expand our partnership with the Army by deploying mission-focused AI that will protect soldiers and boost mission effectiveness,” said Stephen Gillotte, CEO.

The contract’s scope includes AI/ML, data science, research and development, and software engineering solutions.

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RGi expands AI capabilities with new prime contract supporting the DoD

RGi logo

Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi®) recently won a DoD prime contract to perform data science and artificial intelligence (AI) experiments utilizing PyTorch, ArcPy, and TensorFlow, among other data science, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) tools.

Our developers will blend geospatial analysis understanding with data engineering skills to deliver sophisticated DataOps and MLOps pipelines and prototypes to advance our ability to perform complex spatial and temporal analysis. We will optimize and improve techniques for image and vector data analysis utilizing ML/DL to support classification, feature extraction, object detection, conflation, prediction, and metadata analysis to name a few.

“I am excited to see our developers and data scientists build upon our AI/ML capabilities, with a focus on structured thinking to support data-driven problem solving and AI explainability,” said Chitra Sivanandam, RGi CTO. “Developing and utilizing AI across wide mission sets is itself an interesting optimization problem.”

At RGi, we understand how AI and automation can accelerate our nation’s security in traditional or asymmetric warfare and eagerly support our customers in these complex and critical missions.

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RGi CTO Chitra Sivanandam joins Forbes Technology Council

Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi®) is pleased to announce that our CTO, Chitra Sivanandam, has been accepted into the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIO, CTOs, and technology executives.

“I’m excited to join this elite group of technology leaders,” said Chitra. “I look forward to sharing my insights and perspectives on how we can advance the geospatial aspects of AI, machine learning, data science, and wearables, among others, to foster collaborative thinking between industry and the Defense and Intelligence communities.”

As a member of the Forbes Technology Council, Chitra will share her expert insights in original business articles on, and contribute to published Q&A panels alongside other tech experts.

Chitra was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of her experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

“We are honored to welcome Chitra into the community,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world.”

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RGi CEO Stephen Gillotte named to INSA Advisory Committee

Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi®) is pleased to announce that our CEO, Stephen Gillotte, has joined The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) Advisory Committee.

The INSA Advisory Committee is a group of select leaders from across the private, public and academic sectors of INSA’s membership. The Committee advises the president and staff on how INSA can best accomplish its mission and support the intelligence and national security communities.

“It’s an honor to join this esteemed group of leaders,” said Stephen. “I look forward to sharing my experiences and insights as we continue to drive innovation forward throughout the IC and Defense communities.”

For more information on the INSA Advisory Committee, visit

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