What Makes Us Different

Culture Is Key

We work hard to ensure that for all RGi’ers, it’s not just a job, it’s a life experience.

Whether you work in a SCIF at a client site, from a home office, or from one of our casual office locations, our core values remain the same; we want RGi’ers to be happy, healthy, challenged, and energized by their work. An RGi’er in the right mindset is best positioned to have an immediate impact.

Here’s what’s important to us, and what we believe makes us different:

  • RAISE THE ROOF. We work, play, and laugh together; we love and believe in the company.
  • BE UNIQUELY YOU. You are a name, not a number…quirks and all. We embrace diversity and individuality.
  • BE CLASSY. We show respect to each other, we support each other and maintain a positive attitude.
  • TRUST IS A TWO-WAY STREET. Our leadership proves they have our best interests in mind through their actions. They put people over profits. There is earned mutual trust.
  • JUMP THROUGH FLAMING HOOPS. We feel a part of the mission, we don’t just do what is expected. We go above and beyond to innovate and create solutions…making an immediate and important impact.
  • OWN IT. We need everyone to show up with a leader mindset and make a positive difference. We are accountable and empowered, we step up, take responsibility and get things done. We are focused on quality, efficient work and not just long hours of hard work.
  • SPEAK UP. We embrace and maintain open communication across the company. We voice our concerns, questions, comments, suggestions, and praise.
  • CELEBRATE SUCCESS. We recognize accomplishments and celebrate the little things.
  • CHOOSE COURAGE OVER COMFORT. We always tell the truth and embrace the discomfort of challenging the status quo. Growth never happens in our comfort zone.
  • UNLEASH THE CREATIVE DRAGON WITHIN. We think outside the box and collaborate to develop the best solutions.
  • PAY IT FORWARD. We give back to our community, not because we have to but because we genuinely care.
  • ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES. When things don’t go as planned, we adapt and still deliver greatness.

As long as we continue to follow this path, we know we’re going the right way.

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