RGi awarded SOCOM SBIR Phase I project

RGi was awarded a Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) Phase I project in response to Topic 163-005: Cloud Data Synchronization with Limited Bandwidth Communications. Throughout this effort, RGi will explore the feasibility of applying the underlying concepts of its SmartContent approach in austere situations, where disconnected, limited, or intermittent (DIL) communications constrain the networked environment, imposing significant barriers to rapid transmission of valuable data and knowledge from managed cloud resources. RGi will research an intelligent, automated solution that can integrate with existing applications to provide the basis for asserting the operational relevance of data and content, determine where it should be prepositioned, provisioned, and cached for maximum availability to those who need it, and enable new knowledge collected in the field or through reach-back analytics to be efficiently and opportunistically synchronized with distributed network resources.